News flash: Funai will produce the LAST VCR this month. RIP , VCR. - See more at: htt

I still own an Insignia VCR/DVD/Analog TV Tuner/(AM/FM Radio) with 300 watt 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound amplifier. Bought it at Best Buy a decade ago, and it still plays my old Disney tapes when kids come to visit.

I should probably break out the DVD+R on my laptop and the Composite RCS input I bought a few years back and get all those tapes on DVD...
Thanks, Jim. I'm aware of the copy protection issues and have means to defeat them. Many of my tapes are old enough that it doesn't matter, but for the few that aren't, I'm prepared for it. And since I legally purchased the tapes and am merely making a backup recording without intent to distribute, my defeat of any copy-protection measures is legally permissible, based on Federal legal precedents as well as certain legislative protections in this state.


Anyone remember back in the early days when movies on VHS or Beta would cost around a hundred dollars a pop? Hardly anyone could afford those, which caused the rise of the video rental stores. Got to admit I loved the video rental stores but dang, video tape was pricey to own back then.
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