No Fox 40 in Jackson MS - DirecTV

Fox 40 has been off the air for over a month on my AT&T U verse package. This has caused me to miss some college football games, all Fox NFC football broadcasts, and now the World Series. They will not give me any kind of credit on my bill for not having these broadcasts available. They are still receiving income from subscribers even though they are not paying this station any longer. Seems fair that the savings should be passed along to the viewers that no longer have the entire television lineup that was advertised when they signed up. I intend to drop this service to do the lack of effort put in to return full programming. I will drop not only their U verse, but will also drop any other service currently with AT&T. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This question, "No Fox 40 in Jackson MS," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.
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