No Giants Games!



I am at Fernwood Cir, Roseville, CA. After over 40 years with Comcast, it is time to switch providers. I am no longer willing to pay $300 monthly and not be able to watch the Giants games on Ch. 720 because of the horrendous pixelation. A service rep came out two weeks ago and checked everything. He said this problem happens frequently, which did not make me feel assured. He did say that I need an amplifier on my Xfinity system because I have six TVs. What really bothers me is that my nextdoor neighbor has the identical Comcast service and she gets Ch. 720 perfectly. I have to drive to a friend's house to see the Giants games which is not good during COVID. Nobody at Comcast seems interested in fixing this. I have also recently worked via phone with a rep trying every troubleshooting idea and nothing has worked. Are you willing to lose another customer and earn some bad PR? I think I am due some partial refund on my very poor reception. I'll be surprised if anyone responds to this message.

"No Giants Games!," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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