"No Signal" message on HDMI



When I turn on the TV using the cable box remote control, I get the error message, "No Signal", even though I may have recently been watching a broadcast with the TV input on HDMI1. I have to cycle through five other possible inputs on the TV to get back to HDMI 1, then, I get a signal. So, the connections are correct. This process is awkward, and noisy, since "TV" produces loud white noise and one of the AV inputs produces sound.

For a supposedly high-tech piece of equipment, this is particularly ungraceful operation. It's embarrassing, if we have guests.

Yes, I changed out the box, and got the same result. Obviously, the connections are correct, ot I wouldn't get a signal.

""No Signal" message on HDMI," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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