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This question is about "No wi-fi after loss of power", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I am having problem getting my wi-fi to work for over 3 days. I have Spectrums technicolor modem and my router ASUS rt-ac68u. After they reset my modem I could no longer get my wi-fi to even light up after I took the ethernet cable loose it would light up and I could go to the settings and login plug in the ethernet it said no cable connection, rebooted everything no wi-fi again. I went and purchased a C-6300 Netgear all in one took them forever to activate it and they could only get the modem to come on and the router for ethernet but no wi-fi. After hours with each call, spending several days. Each time they would tell me it was a Netgear issue call them. I waited over four hours with my speaker on and they never answered the phone. So I took it back. Bought a Ethernet switch and hooked it to spectrums modem and have cables running to everything. I have read on several forums that the issue is when spectrum codes in opt out wi-fi. I don't know what that means and I tried with each tech to explain it might be the problem but they were unable to do anything. Anything else to try?? And yes I have a wi-fi on/off button on both and that is not the issue.

No wi-fi after loss of power?
Not sure what loss of power has to do with anything since you never mentioned losing power. Either way, you should try using another router if you want wifi. Can't have wifi without a router, so going with just an ethernet switch pretty much means you've given up on wifi anyway.

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