Oakley Releases Correct 3D Glasses

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HDTV Magazine - Oakley Releases World's First Optically Correct 3D Glasses

From the article:

"Oakley, Inc. today announced the release of the world's first optically correct 3D glasses, OAKLEY 3D GASCAN®. Utilizing the company's proprietary HDO-3D™ technologies, these premium glasses are engineered for unrivaled 3D performance, superior visual clarity and signature Oakley comfort. OAKLEY 3D GASCAN will both complement and optimize the technology used in the majority of 3D movie theaters around the world." ...


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I'm sure there will be a large number of competitors out there for 3D glasses. I really am surprised that the 3D thing is coming on as fast as it is.
you have some pretty huge backers of the Tech, Disney, Sony, and Activision are giants...now the owners of ESPN... I definitely pick and chose my trend, but I have been following this for years, and just waiting for what seemed the right moment
So the glasses fit great, they are light, and so are most of them supplied by the theaters. They don't seem to add a tint even though the lenses are greenish in color. 3D wasn't really any better than what the supplied glasses offer, especially with a 120 to 200 dollar price tag. If they were 30 bucks, I'd keep them, but I sent them back. Going to see a movie is rediculous enough in price, especially when I enjoy my home theater better.
In the end, I really don't have much else to say, but they went back :( Now if Oakley would get into the market for Active Shutter glasses! Something has to be better than what's being offered, especially the Panasonics glasses. They are very uncomfortable, Samsungs have too much glare, and Sonys were almost the same as the Panasonics.