We have talked to MANY people who have seen the new commercial that is out new over the Thanksgiving holidays about referring to the grandparents house as "HADES" and they are extremely OFFENDED and think it is of the worst taste EVER. They are unsure of how to report their ANGER and FRUSTRATION to your distastful choice of advertising. I have looked many places as to where to report this and this is about the only place I can find! You are NOT getting any NEW CUSTOMERS because of you OFFENSIVE MATERIAL!!!

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TC Brown

I agree. I had Comcast until a few years ago they ran a similar commercial, where the grandkid didn't want to go to Grandmas because she didn't have cable. It's sad that the marketing group at Comcast thinks this is a constructive way to engage customers. It's not and makes my decision to move away from Comcast feel even better.

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