Oh, Comcast... Why?


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Further proof of Big Cable behaving badly:

By Christopher Elliott | January 28, 2015 | 166 Comments
Warning: This post contains language that may not be appropriate for a family audience.
It’s no secret that employees sometimes feel their customers are jerks. But I’ve never seen one put it in writing — until now.

Lisa Brown, a volunteer for a missions organization in Spokane, Wash., contacted me yesterday because of a billing problem with Comcast, her local cable provider. The issue? The name on their bill had been changed from her husband’s name, Ricardo, to “Asshole” Brown.
Brown has tried to fix the name herself. She’s visited her local Comcast office and phoned higher-ups in the Washington region. But she wasn’t getting anywhere and needed help

Comcast thinks my husband is an a**hole - and they put it in writing - Elliott

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