Ok I was reading....


Ok I was on a site that had reviews, complaints, and what have you about the Roku. I noticed that someone said that there Roku stopped all together working after six months. Has anyone else had that happen to them? If so what did you do?


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I have 2 boxes, a roku 2HD and a roku 3. The 2 is over a year old, absolutely no problem and I keep it in the bedroom. The 3 is about 6 months old and has not given me any headaches. I believe there have been some glitches but Roku issues patches and updates to take care of your box. The upgrades usually run in the background, you never know it happens. They also provide skins that fit the occasion, think halloween, valentines and christmas, also without the need for you to intervene.


I've had one Roku since December 2010 (that's over 3 years now) and still works. I purchased a newer Roku last year in order to access some of the new channels that are not available on older models (particularly PBS). I also have a friend who had an even older Roku, a first generation one, which was still working last I checked.

Any device could stop working, but I think the bigger risk is just having it become obsolete. There are updates to the features that Roku can't or won't make available to older models.

If you're worried about this, just buy the cheapest model you can find, so it won't be quite as painful if you need to buy a new one in a year or two.


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I've had my Roku 2 XS for a couple of years now. No problems, other than having to reset every once in a while to correct Netflix/Hulu Plus loading issues.
We have had the Roku for about three years and have never had any issues other than every now and then it will reset itself- and that usually only happens if we have had it on all day long watching shows and such without turning it off. We love the Roku and have had no real problems with it. 8.5 out of 10 stars for me!


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I have three Rokus. The only problem I have is with streaming some high quality videos from my hard drive to Rokus on the wireless network. My Roku 2 XS in the living room works fine (both when it was wireless, and now that it's on my power line network), but my Roku 2 (current generation) and my Roku 2 HD (which are wireless only) will be glitchy on those videos.