ON DEMAND and SAVED PROGRAMS stop working and crash TV



I cannot view ON DEMAND for about 3 weeks now. It just stopped working for no reason whatsoever, I didn't change anything. When I try to view an ON DEMAND show, the screen just turns completely black and the TV is essentially "dead". Nothing works, you can't use the EXIT or XFINITY or GUIDE or any button. There is NO error message of any kind. I have to unplug the X2 box and then reset the entire system. I can view live TV fine. When this first started happening, occasionally the screen was entirely blue, but otherwise same phenomena. In the last couple weeks, it's been only entirely black. WHen you use ON DEMAND, it comes up like normal and gives you all the show options, and when you choose one, it comes up and LOOKS like it's starting normally, but as soon as the show starts, the TV crashes. I've had two techs out, the first one claims it was just a bad X1 BOX (which I had just gotten about last May, with no issues whatsoever for abour four months). So he replaced it with another one and then it did work once on his test while here, but it didn't work later that night and has not since. After he replaced the box,watching programs I had saved then stopped working also, same result (black screen, dead). That had worked fine up until he replaced the box, even when the ONDEMAND didn't work. I have reset the machine about 25-50 times by now, that doesn't help at all. I have had phone techs also try troubleshooting, reseting, etc and nothing helps. The second tech who came out just looked at my TV and said it was too old, there was nothing he could do, that was the problem (this is not a new flat LED screen TV). The TV works fine to watch DVDs, and to view live TV. I asked him how that could be the problem since it worked perfectly fine up to 3 weeks ago with this X1 box, and wasn't the TV basically functioning as a monitor anyway? He had no explanation, just said he couldn't do anything and left. I called tech support again and they also said that made no sense to them, tried more tests but couldn't solve it. In fact, I had a VCR hooked up to this system, the Xfinity cable was connected to the VCR and then the VCR cable to the cable box, I think. So I thought well maybe that was the problem (although the techs were here and knew my setup), the VCR, so I removed it and have the Xfinity cable direclty into the X1 box but that made no difference. I like my TV, it works perfeclty fine with good color, etc. but don't know what to do now and don't know if there ios any truth to this TV issue or not. Isn't it just a monitor? And why would I be able to watch live TV but not ONDEMAND or saved programs? Another weird thing, in the last couple days, a couple of the saved programs I've recently made, I could view without it crashing, but not all of them. But the ONDEMAND has never worked.

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