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This question is about "On Demand Info and Help Guide", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. A general guide for all regarding On Demand: (Mods might want to pin this.)

1.) On Demand episodes and movies are managed by the stations and studios as to when they become available. NOT BY SPECTRUM! TV shows are generally offered within 2-5 days after airing. Generally only episodes that go back a couple of weeks in a series will be offered. On Demand is NOT a permanent series archive for seasons of shows. It is designed to be "Catch Up" for shows that you missed over a period of a few weeks time.

2.) Movies are released by the studio, usually within a few months after being in the theaters. Prices are generally the following:

  1. A NEW On Demand Release $5.99 per showing
  2. An older film that's been around for years $2.99
  3. Same Day as DVR Release $9.99

Movies are offered for unlimited viewing for a period of generally 24 hours. Some films will allow up to 48 hours. You are able to pause, rewind, play, stop the film as much as you want for the duration of that time.

3.) There is another type of On Demand called FREE On Demand. As long as you subscribe to the base channel in your package, you will get its on Demand content for free. New episodes, shows, and free movies are added weekly.

4.) There is also PREMIUM On Demand, which means that if you subscribe to a commercial free-uncut movies premium channel like HBO or Cinemax, you will get its On Demand Content for free.

There are no limits for how long you can watch any Free On Demand or Premium On Demand so long as you subscribe to the main channel in your package, and the management of that channel offers the show on the system.

5.) Than, you have special events Pay Per Views, which are a one-time charge to see a boxing match, wrestling, MMA or concerts. This is a set showing a live event that can range from about $60-$75. DVR users may or may not be able record PPV's, this is determined by the promoter of the Pay Per View.

6.) To access On Demand, you would press the On Demand Button on your Remote Control, or tune to any On Demand Category channel from your guide's Time Grid and follow the category prompts on-screen for what you want to watch.

7.) On Demand is like a live transmission of shows, and sometimes, often overnight, you may get error messages and not be able to watch. If this has happened to you for more than a week and is consistent you will need to contact Spectrum for a signal and drop line test: Regarding this tech call:

1.) Don't reboot any boxes, modems, or routers for six hours prior to your service call. Reboots will reset the error codes, and On Demand problems are the first sign very often of signal or line problems.

2.) A swapped box WILL NEVER solve bad signal problems relating to On Demand, or anything else. Bad weather, animal chews, old outside/inside wiring can cause On Demand to fail or be sporadic. A tech would need to be dispatched to check your signals, inside/outside wiring, and line drop.

3.) After six hours of not rebooting anything when the tech comes, subs would than need to tune to any On Demand channel that is not playing so that the tech can take a signal reading of that channel. Mention to the tech any error message signal codes that you have seen.


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