OnDemand goes audio-only after commercial sometimes



We’ve been experiencing something odd the past few months. Occasionally while watching an OnDemand TV show, the video will go black as a commercial ends. Audio continues.

It’s not a huge deal when watching OnDemand in real-time (so to speak) because the fix is to stop OnDemand, then start the show again from where you stopped. The video is back. (And so far, the restart puts one back right where you are supposed to be, that either being the next commercial, or the show segment following the commercial.)

The bigger hassle is whenever, just before all go to bed, someone does OnDemand of a show nobody else wants to watch, and records it to our DVD/VHS unit. Next morning, the person wanting to watch carries the disc or tape downstairs to where we have another DVD/VHS unit and monitor (but no cable feed). Then they sometimes find the show is audio only until its end, ruining the attempt to view it without bothering all the others.

We’re SD, could it be a flaky box? Has anyone else seen this occur?

"OnDemand goes audio-only after commercial sometimes," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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