One single sub channel causes my converter box to lock up



There is one channel, 19.1 that when I tune to it the converter box locks up and displays some type of programming code. It then must be powered down and the channel changed for it to work again. This channel comes in fine on my digital tv, when I try my second analog tv with the converter box that is when it doesn't work. The converter box gets all the other channels out there, including 19.3 and 19.6 it is just this one 19.1. I have tried two different converter boxes they are both the older ones.

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Try this: disconnect the antenna and select 19.1. Does it still lock-up? If yes, its an issue with the converter box. If it doesn't lock-up, block the channel using the parental controls and it won't be able to get 'stuck' on 19.1 after you reconnect the antenna. Please let us know how it turns out.


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