'Orange is the New Black' Losing one of its Stars?

When it comes to Netflix originals, it now appears that it is Orange is the New Black vs. everyone else. While shows like House of Cards and the fourth season of Arrested Development have made major waves for the internet streaming service, Orange is the New Black appears to have taken a sturdy lead above the competition.

From Piper (or Chapman) to Alex to Red and Miss Claudette, the show follows a new storyline with each episode, allowing fans of the exciting series to pick and choose their favorites. Well, for fans of Alex, you will see a little less of the vixen in season 2.

Alex Vause, played by former That 70s Show star Laura Prepon, will not be a regular on the series in the next season. For fans of the show, that is a terrible blow as many will say it is her character that adds extra intrigue and suspense to the real-life prison story. Prepon will appear in the second season to an extent, but will not appear in every episode. The reports currently state that Prepon's character will appear in the series enough to complete her storyline with Chapman.

For those that haven't seen the series yet (go watch it now… every episode… I'll wait), it is because of Vause that the lead in the show, Chapman – played by Taylor Schilling – is even in prison. The two were a lesbian couple and did some illegal things together involving drugs and money, which eventually led to Vause's arrest. Early in the season, we come to find out that Vause did in fact give up her former lover to the police, which eventually led us to this dynamic series.

Orange is the New Black has received big praise around the entertainment world and has given those in Danbury, Conn., where Chapman actually spent her time in prison something to think about in regards to the federal prison that once housed Martha Stewart and currently houses Grammy winner Lauryn Hill. Before it was even released on Netflix, the company had ordered a second season and it is easy to see why. The show has a great mix of serious, comedic and drama that will make its followers watch the season back again and make new viewers not want to stop watching once they start.

With or without Vause in season two, the show will be fine, but the loss of her character will be a major blow to the show.