Pace Xfinity box and IR extender



Hi Comcast gurus,
I am stumped.

About a year ago I set up a TV on a porch with the equipment in the basement (another location)

Samsung TV
Sewell multizone IR extender, run with long extender cable into basement
Yamaha receiver and Xfinity box (Pace PXD01ANI) down in the basement.

Everything worked fine for 6 months. Then the cable box stopped responding to any signal from IR extender.

The Yamaha receiver can be controlled over the IR extender fine.
The cable remote controls the TV fine, but won't control the cable box through the IR Extender.
If I take the cable remote in the basement, it works fine to control the cable in line of sight.

The Xfinity remotes flash when the signal is sent. The IR 'eye' flashes when it relays a signal. If I push a button on the cable remote that involves a TV function, Like Volume or TV power, the eye flashes (it relays an IR signal). If I push any cable related button like Menu or Xfinity button, the eye does not flash (no IR signal seen or relayed?).

So somehow the signals from the remote that are "TV related" can be seen by the eye and are relayed. But cable functions are not.

I have multiple Xfinity remotes including old ones. I use an XR 15 remote, but had an old XR 5 remote and paired that one. The same thing happens with that one. I have repaired the XR 15 too. None of the cable functions with either will relay over the IR extender.

Using the Xfinity app to watch TV right now.

I have called both Sewell and Xfinity, no one has a clue.

Any thougthts?
My thanks.

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