Panthers and Cardinals oh my

Discount the Panthers and Cardinals?
It amazes me to see the amount of haters and bandwagoners that have emerged after a 1 and 2 start for both the Panthers and Cardinals. More so for the Panthers considering Cam Newton is disliked by many for his antics in last year’s Super Bowl. Look, the Panthers and Cardinals are going to be just fine as long as they are able to avoid injury at key positions.
The Panthers play in the NFC South. For whatever reason the NFC South can’t seem to gain any real credibility as a “good” division. Especially with the amount of talent that is in that division. I guess it’s all about wins and losses. The Saints are 0 and 3. The Bucs are 1 and 2 with a butt kicking by the Cardinals and the Falcons are 2 and 1. We’re three games into the season and sports analysts are jumping all over the Panthers for not living up to expectations. I guess that’s a sports analysts’ job.
The Panthers have the opportunity to take the lead in the division with a win this week. If/when they take the lead in the division do you believe that the analyst will recant all of their negative statements? Highly doubtful, but instead will go on to praise the Panthers for turning it around or they will act as if they believed in the Panthers the entire time. At this point I should mention that I’m not a Panthers’ fan. I’m actually a Dolphins fan… that’s how you know I’m a real fan.
As for the Cardinals. They have had some embarrassing losses to start the season. Bill Belichick did was he does to most teams… he outcoached and out maneuvered the Arizona Cardinals with a backup quarterback. That’s why I believe quarterbacks that roll through New England are more of a product of the coaching and system than they are of hall of fame talent. That’s not to say that they haven’t put in the work, stats, blood, sweat, and tears to be in the Hall of Fame. I’m simply saying that without Belichick in his life would Brady be a HOFer? Back to the point. The Cardinals then dismantled a talented Bucs team and proved why a 2nd year QB was not ready to face an elite defense. It’s not as if the Bills wowed anyone on offense, but they were able to control the game. This was a team that was probably playing to save their coach’s job. There were high hopes for the Bills so they came out with passion against a team that I consider to be elite. Carson Palmer was miserable, but a guy is allowed to be miserable every so often. It’s not like he can go out every Sunday and throw for 400 yards and 4 touchdowns.
I’m saying all of this to say that I believe the Panthers and Cardinals are still the teams to beat in the NFC. Yes, I see the Vikings and I see what the Eagles are doing, but you can’t determine an entire season with 3 good or 3 bad games.
Yeah, if they both win, everybody takes a deep breath. But if one of them loses, they've got a real hole to dig out of. Weathering a couple of losses due to injury or something gets next to impossible as the margin for error gets ever tighter.