Paramount plus no longer on xfinity X1



I really need help with this question I signed up for cbs all access in December I selected X1 work perfect the day cbs all access become paramount plus it told me enter my email and password I have done this at least 50 more times and it does not move I just got off the phone with a paramount Plus CSR I also her when I go to the page where it shows all the devices you stream the app when I go to connected devises it only shows xfinity flex it does not show X1 as one of the ways you can watch the app onX1 the CSR put me on hold and came back and said paramount plus is no longer compatible on X1 if that's the case then why is the app still showing that you stream it on X1

"Paramount plus no longer on xfinity X1," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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