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I have watched a number of the concert broadcasts on PBS. I like to check out the lighting designs since I do that on a smaller scale. PBS and Axis have some high-quality video coverage of older bands. I grew up in the 70s and listened to a lot of rock. Today I don't like listening to that classic rock very much. I guess I listened so much that I wore it out. Not saying anything is wrong with it. :thumb: I guess one thing I see is how really simple the instrumentation was back then. Very basic guitar work for a lot of the bands. I know I am generalizing-don't flame me.

I was talking to a friend..who related that a Led Zeppelin cover band in our area gets $10K per show. I am sure they faithfully reproduce the music. I think I would find it difficult to pay top dollar for a seat to see other guys play the music.

I forget what channel but I caught a live KISS concert from the UK. I used to LOVE that band. Boy they are very basic musicians. I really did not like listening to it very much. The lighting, however, was top quality. But man was the music bad. I had to say it. Childhood bubble is now burst. My friends were right.:dunce:


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Oddly, I like classic rock better now than I did then I think. I just don't like today's music for the most part. It's too full of violence, profanity, and suggestiveness. The classic rock may have had illusions (or is that allusions) to sex, drugs, and rock n roll, but it's tame compared to the junk generated today.


Commercial music (radio) is not worth my time. Spotify is a good source of non-commercial music. Lots of interesting music being made that will never be on the air...but online only.
I do appreciate some of the newer groups that are out there. One of my favorites is Mumford and Sons. However, one of the reasons I like them so much is they almost sound like a throwback. Very unique sound and one that reminds me of groups from the 60's or 70's.
Caught a Doors concert on PBS a few months back and really enjoyed it. As far as KISS goes, they performed one of the Stadium Series Hockey Games last month, it was AWFUL! I actually felt sorry for them and for me for watching LOL.....


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I love music on PBS, but I hate when they do it during fund drives and break it up with 20 minute breaks.