People really watch this?


What? Are you serious? A new season is starting in a week. I can't wait- It's fun to watch these people dance. They come a long way.
My favorite stars are always the sports people. I loved Jason Taylor and Emmit Smith. Can't wait to see how LT is this season.


I thought this show was off the air already. I can't believe there are actually people on a forum talking about it.
I don't watch it regularly, but I think it has much more entertainment value than other reality based shows.

It has the aspect of someone trying to learn something and being eliminated if they're not good at it, for those who like that kind of thing.

I find it more entertaining seeing the choreography of the dance numbers and in some cases the relationships between the pros and the amateurs.


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i can never make it through an entire episode. i always flip back and forth. It is very entertaining to see some of the d-list celebs make a fool of themselves though.


I have never seen it. I did see when the football player was on Ellen and he said it was so hard!
Can you imagine the amount of practice that they do to achieve these dances?


Last night was great! I love watching them dance. You could tell how much practice some people put in just by how good they are.
It's on every Monday and Tuesday!


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I know some people who LOVE it and I have never seen a whole episode...I just loved when Master P was on, however,I just watched the clips. After reading the posts in this thread,I highly doubt I am going to make time to catch this one...yall had some bad reviews!

I believe you are not kidding. Fashion is something many people enjoy.

And of course, the fashion they use for dancing cloth is a little different to the ordinary one because form follows function.


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Yea it's scary isn't it? Actually I prefer Americas Next Dance Crew on MTV. Not exactly sure why but I love it. Sad when the flag falls on the losers.
I tried to watch that. In fact, I did watch a couple of episode but I couldn't keep track of what was happening for some reason. I'll have to stick with DWTS and So You Think You Can Dance.


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I watched this show once and tried to follow it but it was just too boring. This show has no entertainment at all. I'm sorry every time I tried to watch it I was falling asleep.
Well it depends on who you mean, when you say that "people watch" Dancing With The Stars, since I certainly do not. At any rate, it does remain a popular television show and many people DO actually like it.


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That's how it is with any program. Some like it and some don't. Some like House. I don't. Some like Lost. I don't. I like stuff a lot of people don't actually. I loved Cop Rock, for example.

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