Pixelation problems with my service since July 13, 2020



I am a long time customer of Comcast/Xfinity.

We are having pixelation problems since July 13, 2020.

Multiple Techs came by and we even changed our X1 box and modem twice (Also changed HDMI and Coax cable each time). Te Techs changed our cable outside the box and one of them even found faulty instalaation on one end of the line outside of the box. One tech added booster to our juction box in the addict.

The problem usualy happen in the evening with pixelation (First sound goes and then freeze picture with pixels). Recently (the past week) the problem occurs after 8 pm for all channels and then goes away by 10 pm (even without a cable box restart).

We pay a lot of money for the Xfinity services and need to know what is going on? On customer service told me since mid July there are reported pixelation in our area, but could not get more out of them.

I live in Lake Olympia, Missouri City, TX. Anyone else has this problem? Can Xfinity provide a solution?

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