Pixilation and error messages



For months we have been seeing random pixilzation. It is only on broadcast shows, never on demand or streaming. Recordings are also pixilated which is odd since the DVR is cloud and not on our equipment.

If I let it go long enough I sometimes get an error message about waiting for changes on my account to be applied or that the channel is not available and to try later.

I also get an error message stating "we are having issues on our end" periodically.

When will COmcast address their signal problems. I am not willing to spends weeks replacing boxes and being charged to replace internal cables when the issue is clearly on Comcast's end and not mine. If you review the forums they are full of similar comments over the past number of months. All of our systems could not be failing at the same time.

"Pixilation and error messages," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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