!!!! Please help !!!!



I am a new customer as of last month, I have been having this issue since day 4, I have called 2 times and spoke with xfinity and not able to fix the issue
When turned on, tv in one of our rooms Will only show what appears to be a screensaver, however I can hear the audio of whatever is showing but the video only shows what I think is an xfinity screensaver. I have read NUMEROUS post that are similar to this but none of those work for me. The xfinity remote will turn the tv on, off, volume it will also change the channel because I hear the audio of a different program but you can not see any of this all you see is the screensaver. I have tried to press the xfinity button and nothing happens, I have unplugged the box, i have uninstalled the box and reinstalled, move hdmi input slots, changed hdmi cable, tried every reset solution I have read about and remains the same. Now there has been several times that I have turned on the tv and it will come on normal and everything is working fine, audio, video etc... just like my other tv and the next day it is back to original problem. We have only been able to watch that tv about 8-10 times since being a customer. Can someone please help me figure this out.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration

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