Do you let your kids watch Pokemon or the spin offs? My kids have watched Pokemon for years, but I don't let them watch the more violent yugioh series.


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My oldest one started watching Pokemon when he was about 6. As he got older, he wanted the cards, the movies, etc. I thought the little things were kinda cute. But, after a few years determined that they were just getting too violent. So, no we don't watch it anymore.


My brother loved pokemon growing up. He's 17 now so he's not a fan of it any longer...but he liked it a lot. My mom had no patience for that show so she never watched it or anything like that.


Pokemon is good for kids. i do not have kids but then my little brother loves to watch and collect some pokemon stuffs. it is alright to let them watch but we should also take limits.


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Guys, come on.. you parents are just getting too worried these days.. I mean what can possibly be wrong with... POKEMON?!!! Seriously, it's like one of the most childish yet productive shows on T.V., and you're worrying about that?! I don't know about yu-gi-oh, but come on.. pokemon is good.. don't worry about it!


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Spin offs?

Dude pokemon is fine, relax.. it's actually one of the better non-graphic/non-violent cartoon shows out there, I still remember that show from like the 90's, it's a great show, no need to worry about your kids!


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Are you serious?

I think you're the first person ever that actually thinks that Pokemon is a bad show.. there's not much to explain, just read what the other people said.. I completely agree with each and every one of them.. haha