Poor Ultra 4K Quality



I have a UHD X1 box and a UHD television connected via HDMI. UHD on the TV itself (either Blue Ray, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.) looks great...absolutely no problems. Even UHD using the Netflix and Amazon Prime apps on the X1 box looks great, so I know that the HDMI cable and TV are fine.

The problem is with Xfinity broadcasts in UHD, like sports for example. When I switch to the UHD version of a football game, the contrast and colors are horrible, and it doesn’t appear to be UHD. The picture is badly washed out.

Anyone else having the same issue? I have searched the forums a little and Googled it, but most of the complaints seem to be connection issues or settings.

"Poor Ultra 4K Quality," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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