Prefixes added to Sports Talk

Jason Fritz

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When starting a new thread, you can now select a prefix to describe the topic including:

College Football

Please post here if you would like a new prefix added to this section of the forum.

Fringe Reception

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Hey Jay,

What if we want to talk about the Sportscasters? Do we have to refer to them as "OUR" Kelly Jensen or "OUR" Charlie Jones? I really hate hearing that said about everyone that appears on my tube on newscasts/sportscasts!


PS, please note I did not start this with OUR Jay! LOL
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Jason, I know this is like a 5 year old post...but if you prefer we use prefixes, recommend we expand the list a bit to include the other major US and International sports. Not sure if you are limited by the software running the board on the total number of prefixes or what not though. No problem either way.