Prison Break season 4


I totally hated prison break, when the season three was running and now the same suspense and thriller and so many turning point like was in the first season and the season 4 rocks....


Yeah dude i am too a great fan of prison break. But i never really hated the second or third season its was also good but slow moving. But now every series ends with a thrilling and suspense situation... i like it better than heroes or lost...


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Season 4 is very interesting season. The Legend was a very interesting episode of this season.Michael have done very Good work in this season.


Is it over now? I love this show! I thought it would be back on and Michael would be working against Linc. Maybe finally finding their mom!

I haven't heard about season 5- I hope it's not over!
hope its not over, i love this show so much.. yes a bit of season 3 for that i don't like but its part of the interesting part, the twist that i really enjoyed watching.


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prison break

hi there..i like prison break..especially the first one when they were still all in the story continues its getting more predictable and boring..
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