Problem getting channel 5 Fox WNYW in Long Island



I have been having problems lately getting channel 5 on my TV. The antenna is roof mounted approx 18 years old and able to get upwards of 60 channels including local network stations WABC, WNBC WWOR but for some reason my TV is longer getting a signal on Fox 5. I tried re-scanning many times and was able to get channel 5 twice in the past 4 weeks. What's strange is I can get channel 5 on my TV upstairs with no problem using a rabbit ear antenna.
I am thinking the issue could be interference a tree approx 20 ft from the antenna which i had pruned last year and which has re-grown substantially and created a canopy of leaves in line of sight of the antenna.

From what I read research has shown that leaves and tree limbs can have a noticeable effect on digital signal bending the wavelength to the antenna that might be causing the signal loss. Also from what I read this phenomenon could possibly have an effect on one or multiple channels. Since the tree has full leaf exposure at this time of year i suspect the signal may return when the tree begin to shed its leaves in the fall.
What do you think and what else could be causing the problem short of getting a new antenna.
Thank you for your suggestions.

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