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This question is about "Program RC122 remote in TV input mode & crackling noise", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Just came back to using a Spectrum DVR (from Tivo) and getting used to the RC122 remote again. I have it programmed to turn my Sony TV on and off if I have pushed the TV input button. It will also change channels while using that input. But it won't Pause. Or Record. I have to switch inputs back to Cable in order to do those things. But if I leave it on the Cable input, when I hit power it turns the cable box off but not the TV.

So is it just a matter of remembering to switch inputs or should I just leave the remote on Cable and use the TV remote to turn it off and on? Or is there a way to program the remote to always leave the DVR turned on? I'm assuming if I turn the DVR box off it won't record something I have scheduled?

My other issue is if I have a program paused, when I start playing it again I often get a crackling popping noise from my speakers. That seems like a bad thing. Any way to fix it?


Is there a way to do this? I don't want to have to keep

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