Question: Program Titles etc

Two questions really.
1. This site does not seem to be used much, can anyone recommend another more used site that discusses shows, networks and programming?

2. Where are episode titles usually placed in a show? They used to come up close to the beginning of a program but I only see them on a few shows any more. Any ideas where these are hidden in newer programs?



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When you say titles of shows, are you referring to episode titles? If you're looking for episode titles, we need to know how you watch TV, cable, satellite, or over-the-air?

There really isn't too many forums that discuss shows and programming for some reason. Most are extremely dedicated forums for specific shows.
Thanks for the reply. By titles I mean the title of each episode of each series displayed in the show itself. These are the same no matter which way you are watching. Just like with a movie these used to be and are sometimes still shown at the start of a show. But more and more I notice that even though a title is listed, either in a website list of episodes or the program guide such as Directv has, it does not seem to be shown during the episode. An couple examples of a shows with a title at the beginning of the show would be Dr Who were the title shows right at the beginning and NCIS LA has the title about four minutes into the show. But Under the Dome does not seem to have an episode title even though there is one listed in the guides. I know it probably is not that important to most but its a way of keeping track of shows which I often record and watch later since I may not be able to watch it when it airs.

Thanks for the reply on forums.

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