Put Converter Box Close to Antenna not TV

I put my converter box on top of my tv. I tried many different tv antennas and was unable to get a good signal, then I put my converter box closer to my antenna and got a much better signal.
I think the convert box takes the signal and amplifies it (along with converting the signal) so the shorter the length of the lead-in wire from the antenna the better the signal.
I was able to run three TV's using only one converter box along with three remote control extenders I made. I can get all VHF channels and live in Los Angeles.
I had used 300 ohm twin-lead. I don't know if it would be the same for 75 ohm coax.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Thanks for sharing Sparky111. Some of the fixes on here seem more like voodoo (for lack of a better term) than logic for receiving DTV signals.