Question Concerning HD Streaming Video Setup

D.V. Dee

DTVUSA Jr. Member
I'm having cable provider RCN activate a cable drop in my living room for streaming HD video, to a Roku 3 linked to my TV set, for a hard-wired setup.

The Roku 3 manual specifies that I need a router to interface between the cable drop and the Roku 3. But the RCN tech said, No, you just need a cable modem, NOT a router.

So, who is correct?

And, how do you set up the configuration of either the modem or the router without using a computer?


If your are using a hardwired setup, just connect the network cable from the Roku to the WAN port on the cable modem. Then select the input on your TV the Roku is connected to and you should be good to go.

If you have other computers a/o devices (tablets, phones, etc.) that you would like to use the cable internet and not your cell phone's data plan then yes you would need a router as well. Cable modems can only support 1 device connected to it. Connecting a router to the cable modem allows multiple devices to share the internet coming into your home.