Question: does a leaf have to be flat against the window?


I just put up solar film on my windows and amwondering if the problems I'm having with my leaf is that I hung it from the window sill (to keep it off the window) vs. where it used to be tapped to the window. If that is my problem anyone have any good (non destructive ideas) on adhering it to the window again? Everything short of duct tape seemed to let it fall periodically. Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions here.

Also if there is a specific post that explains this I'll be glad to be directed to it.

Thanks, DMCCC

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You wrote you have the antenna hanging from the window sill, so is the antenna trying to capture signals through your wall? If so, odds are there is foil-backed insulation plus the wall itself that are blocking the signals. How about hanging it from a thumbtack or a picture hook above the window so it has a 'view' through the window?

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