Radio Shack FM Trap 15-577C Discontinued Part - Wonder Why?


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This is the stuff that killed their reputation. No research, simply buying crap, packaging it then selling it over priced.

Look what Dollar General has done with little stores. Radio Shack has enough little stores, they could big box on self branded products, which were actually good. Best Buy has done it with their Insignia line. It's not high end but it's not crap either and their CECB was one of the best.

Radio Shack could rebrand themselves in a niche with good stuff again.


I have been looking to buy one of those FM trap that everyone is selling on E-Bay, there the RS model, guess I should pass then. you think.........Randy


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Seems like they arent all that Rando.

I just bought 3 Archer branded FM Traps, but I was dissappointed that they were made in China, and not Japan. Dont know if they are different on the inside than these, though. They have shiny chromed metal housings. If you want one, let me know.


I seem to be getting a ton of FM interference from somewhere local, when I do a scan on my DTV converter box, it stops like crazy and pulses between 100% and 10% signal, although nothing is ultimately there.
I found one from ANTENNAS DIRECT though that I might get and try, I havent read anything good about the Radio Shaft fm trap though.......Randy