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This question is about "Range Extender & Spectrum Internet - Not", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I read a previous article on this topic - Re: Range extenders and Spectrum internet issue - Welcome to the Forums. You'd think after several years the problem would have been resolved. We're using two Netgear EX-3700 units. When we set them up we had full access to the internet. When we put them into the actual areas we couldn't get internet access. That part was confuing as when we tested our network range using both a cell phone and laptop we had access, albeit with a mediocre signal. The extenders we had before, which were an older version of the EX-3700, worked just fine with the ATT system we had. What is causing the extenders to not work?

Arris Router; Ruckus wireless - Both provided by Spectrum

Range Extender & Spectrum Internet - Not?

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