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I had a similar problem after getting a new DVR/set top box. Although the DVR never showed more than 30% full, I kept losing programs. I discovered that all of my recordings were going into the cloud only. After a great deal of experimentation, I found that every one of the shows that I had previously programmed to record were going into the cloud only. I also found that all shows programmed to record through the internet were also going only into the cloud. I cancelled all of my future tv series recordings through the TV interface, than reprogrammed them (again through the TV interface). The recordings now show up on the cloud and also on the DVR.

You can get some idea how this is working by comparing the list of programs on "All devices" vs. any individual DVR in your home.

I must say, I am very disappointed that the internet interface does not work as it should. I use it to find programs that I am interested in, but find that if I want to save the series to my DVR, I have to do the programming through the TV instead of just clicking on the record button on the internet interface. I hope this gets changed in the future.

At least, this is how things are working for me and my system. I would be interested to hear if other people are also experiencing this.

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