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I've been a customer for over 18 years. I've had pixelation for quite a few years with Comcast. YES, I said years! I've had techs out and changed out everything from the road to the devices to every wire/cable in the house. Finally got a truthful answer from a senior line tech. The main line in my neighborhood is old and has "cracks" in it. They have been searching for them, but the complete line really needs to be replaced. BUT, there have not been enough complaints and the line won't be replaced because of that. This is what I was told by the line tech. He was frustrated because he has been the one searching and repairing the "cracks" that he has found so far. We had no pixelation for about a year, about a year or so ago. Guess what's back!?!? My internet has been no better. Hit or miss service, call and go through the same routine. All these issues get worse with rainfall. SOC, unplug, power off, wait 60 seconds, reset/reboot the system, Blah, Blah, Blah. I wish Comcast would use the money that I pay for my service to fix things like these, instead of more commercials stating how much better their services are. I know, I should leave, but I don't have any better options of service in my area, plus can't stream with unreliable internet service! So, what do you do? Learn to do without cable or internet all together? I guess that's an option.....

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