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This question is about "Re: Spectrum infrastructure often has high latency", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I had a tech come out because my Hardline connection is perfect, but their combo modem and the separate AC1300 router they replaced it with is having pings of 110ms - 21,000ms on the 2.4&5ghz bands. Tried multiple devices with their routers and the results are the same. I hook up and connect to my n150 router and have ZERO latency issues. The tech tells me that he connects his phone to my wifi(without my password, SMH) and it acts just fine. So he tells me that the problem is because my phone is prepaid instead if plan. "Inferior hardwire"

I have used this phone on Comcast and various wifis around the city, as well as my own router, and it pings at less than 45ms consistently! Pages loaded on Comcast instantly but the same phone on THEIR routers, two different models, produce identical problems.

Then he brings in his personal laptop, connects to it without my password (says he doesn't need it) and speedtests flawlessly.

My web apps time out, speedtests takes up to 45 seconds to start and then tests at full speed of my tier, and takes up to 40 seconds to load.

I've worked on and with computers for 26 years now and I smell bulls**t.

I have a tech visit scheduled for 8am so I changed my password from the defaults to my own password. If they tell me that they connect to MY wifi without my OWN unique password and try to tell me there is no problem, I'm filing a complaint. Two different models of their routers produce the same problems, my own(rather inferior) router performs better, but Ethernet performs FLAWLESSLY! FLAWLESSLY EVEN DURING PEAK.

So far I've been on the phone with them 18 times and they'll be here the 3rd time later today. I'm thinking the only real solution here is to buy my own router and have them shove theirs where all their talking comes from!

Re: Spectrum infrastructure often has high latency?
Ethernet performing flawlessly while Wi-Fi is screwy really shouldn't be a surprise to someone with 26 years of experience with computers. It's pretty common.

Hopefully they' were able to help on the 3rd visit.