Re: X1 audio dropouts on 4K XG1v4-A cable box



Same or similar problem. I added an x1 box to upstairs tv. While at the store obtaining that box I am told the existing x1 box on downstairs tv stopped working. No idea what they did from store.

Came home added new box to upstairs, work(s)(ed) fine so far.

Back to the downstairs tv, nothing works, no channels, blue light off on the x1 box. Go back to store and they are clueless. I am given a new x1 box for downstairs. Unplug 3 wires from old, plug in 3 wires to new, it goes through its setup, and tv back and running but the volume flucuates constantly. Commercials will knock you out of the room, annoying, borderline unwatchable at times.

Store no help.

Yet to find anything online that helps.

Reluctant to pay for tech. Nothing, and I mean nothing, ever goes without a problem with Comcast. I did not want to do this x1 box swap and this is exactly why.

Have they resolved, fixed, acknowledged the problem yet???? or are they blaming customers and Adelphia per usual? Any help out there?

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