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This needs to be clarified. If I am using the Xfinity App and I am using my Xfinity Internet and I have Xfinity TV services, there shouldn't be any internet usage. But all the usage of the Xfinity App "in- home" via my Xfinity internet has been counted 100% towards my internet usage.

1) The FAQ is wrong: Xfinity Stream App on Xfinity TV Partner Devices FAQs - Xfinity Support

(The last paragraph --- Plus, can you make it any more confusing. "Partner" if you make the app for a platform, shouldn't that be your partner? If it's used in-home, then it shouldn't count towards internet usage.)

2) Makes zero sense when I have Xfinity TV service on the same line as my Xfinity Internet service, except when one department (internet) want's additional revenue vs the tv department, which one has already paid for the service.

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