Reality show controversies - do you care?


It seems like every bad "reality" show gets some idiots on it, who make stupid statements or offend some people. Big Brother, The Bachelor, etc. This particularly happens with shows that don't involve any real "talent" in my opinion. Dancing with the Stars, for example, manages to be mostly positive (and if people on the show are controversial, it's usually because they were already known or based on things they've said before).

I can understand how people can get the "villain edit" and be portrayed negatively even if they aren't evil in real life. The competition shows do it to create "excitement" sometimes. But how can so many people be so dumb to say bigoted, racist, homophobic or just plain idiotic things on national TV? Especially when they have only been on TV for five minutes and haven't yet cemented their celeb status. If nothing else, they should be afraid of getting fired form their real-life jobs.

What do you think of these people who court controversy? Does it change whether you watch these shows? (Because if a show consistently spotlights bigotry, that's a major turn-off for me.)


Yeah, the same goes for me too! I mean, it is a huge turn-off to watch a reality show and constantly watch feuds, fights and bitter comments. There are many other details to highlight in TV shows.


I am the squeaky door you get tired of hearing. Reality shows are staged and rigged and pre-determined. A friend was on the set of a few. All decisions that appear on the shows are determined way in advance...then acted out. I guess I dislike them so much because they try to come off as REALity. Same for professional wrestling.

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