Reality TV changes to Un Real Sort of Reality


Okay just when you thought it coud not get stranger there is a TV show in the works with Jim hansen of the Muppet's fame to create a new game show but with a rally bizarre (at least to me) twist.

"Late Night Liars" is billed as a raunchy comedy game show featuring an assortment of non-Muppet puppets joining actor-comedian host Larry Miller. According to the release, each episode has two human contestants facing off against a panel of four "celebrity puppets" who are also drunk and telling half-truths.
I guess that it isn't all that different from crankers, and the time slot seems safe enough but puppets? Did they run out of real stars that were willing to be drunk and ornery? While it could be better then watching wheel of fortune I just have to wonder if this will really fly

Here is the story link
GSN to air raunchy puppets game show


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I didn't actually read the article but I saw the headlines. Jim Henson is dead, and he's probably rolling over in his grave, as they speak. I don't think this is what he had in mind for his precious Muppets.