reception troubles


I have already got a converter box hooked up to my tv and it does got plainer picture but it still messes up on me and expecally when it rains I can’t even watch tv on it. So why is that I thought that when I got the converter box my picture would be alot better. What is wrong is it my antana or could I just not have it hooked up right I only get 12 channels I had 9 to start with. What do I do?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Hi Joy,
When you get a chance, can you post more details on:

1. City, and approximately how far away from the broadcast towers your are (this can be done by inputing your address into TV Fool - Home)

2. Converter Box manufacture and part #

3. Antenna type (Do you have to plug a power cord in for the antenna?)

4. How well did you receive analog stations before connecting the converter box?