Recode asks how much you'd pay to watch YouTube


Re/code has an interesting article on ways that YouTube, and other companies that work with the YouTube community, plan to make more money:

How Much Would You Pay to Watch a YouTube Video? | Re/code

How much would *I* pay?

For 99.999% of YouTube videos - nothing. The vast majority of YouTube content is worthless, and frankly you'd need to pay me to watch it.

For perhaps a few channels - like scripted web series or vloggers who I really like - I might pay a small amount. But I would not pay this to YouTube. I'd use Patreon or Kickstarter or their own web stores to donate, and most likely only if I get products/rewards for it. Heck, I'd rather mail them a check or PayPal them directly than pay Google/YouTube, if I'm going to be out the money, because I don't trust Google to pass it on.

I already "pay" by willingly watching ads. I used to use ad-blocking software, but then I made a decision to turn it off and let the ads play, because I want to support the creators (in a very small way).

I think if YouTube goes too far - like they may with the rumored music service deals that will hurt indie musicians, blocking those who don't agree to YouTube's contracts - then another service will just crop up to take YouTube's place as the dominant force in web video. I actually would like to see more competition in this area, even if YouTube backtracks on those changes, because they are already hindering content creators in other ways.


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If I didn't have Youtube, I might pay for some of their content, but I wouldn't buy it from Youtube. What I like about Youtube, is if I want to watch something, it's probably on Youtube!
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