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This question is about "Recommendation for Modem / Router", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hello,

I have a Netgear C7000 Model Router. It seemed to work fine until about 2 months ago, after that I had some serious issues with connections dropping, slow speedss, losing all connectiivty and having to turn the unit on and off.

I have fixed every issue that I can find, and now things are MUCH better, but I am still having 2 issue. The first is that from time to time I cannot access certain web sites. I will access some sites fine but when I try to go to the connection is very very slow or it fails altogther. I will have the same exprience on a different browser, and the same experience on a different device. Eventually the issue will resolve itself, althought at times it takes me rebooting the router/modem.

The second issue is that when I review the logs I see lots of DoS attacks, seeming coming from random web sites. This was alarming. Netgear forums seemed to indicate that this is an error with the software - that the router reports ACKs and other things as DoS attacks, when they are not. This is infuriating, if true.

So I am ready to get a new router/modem and see if that works any better. Before doing so I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for a model? I am on a 300 MB per second plan, and I have perused the list of approved modems. Maybe an Arias or a Motorola?

Recommendation for Modem / Router?

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