recommended signal levels for SB6183 - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "recommended signal levels for SB6183", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. 1: Your location. city, state, zip. Single or multi family complex. :
Fuquay Varina, NC, 27526 - single family home

2: Services you get from TWC :
Internet Only

3: Make and model of modem :
Arris SB6183

4: Make and model of router(s)
Linksys WRT-1900ACs

5: What are your purchased speeds?
50MB Down / 5MB Up

6: What are results from Spectrum speed test. down, up, ping, jitter?
70.9 Down / 5.4 Up

7: Modem's signal, downstream and upstream, and event log pages.
see attached screenshot
8: Description of your cable wiring from street and throughout house, include splitters, devices, cable type (rg6, rg59) and age, etc. and specifically the where the modem attaches.
comming out of the ground block, directly into the modem with RG6, no splitter.

9: Run pathping (windows command) targeting a site that demonstrates problem, preferably one that is pingable, like If pathping is not available as command execute tracert. (Linux command istraceroute)
ping and speeds look fine with normal internet traffic, however.. when i Play World of Warcraft, occasionally the connection becomes very jitter, almost intermiitten but it never looses connectivity.
I am trying to diagnose the issue to see if it may be my computer, game addons, or my internet connection, to which i cannot seem to find an issue with my system or game setup, and the only way to resolve
the issue is to reset the cable modem, and just the modem. I have tried various methods of resetting computer.. resetting router, and resetting modem, and neither the computer or router have any impact on
the poor performance, the issue seems to be with either the modem itself or my internet connection.

10: Are any background tasks running that upload or download data automatically, e.g., backup programs, torrent client, file/photo/music sync, auto program/app update, etc.?

I do not have a screenshot of the correctables/uncorrected because i recently reset my modem, and i forgot to take it with the multiple issues listed, but after a few days, maybe a week it will fill up with errors. i do not know if these levels are at the threshold of being good or bad. according to the MFG website the ideal levels for power it shows being within the maximum values (-15/+15 dbm) but coule possibly be out of spec with ISP which could cause problems, and the only time i really have problems is when i play world of warcraft

recommended signal levels for SB6183?

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