Recordings listings incomplete



1. Some recordings do not show up in the Recordings list but do show up in the For You list.

2. The recordings in the "for you" list only show one recording of certain programs.

Specifically, some -- not all -- NFL games are not showing up in my Xfinity->Recordings list. But they do appear in the For You. Also some NFL channel talk shows did the same. This is very disconcerting when you expect to watch an important game and it's not on the list. It's still scary, even though I know it's probably on the other list.

As for #2, as an example, NFL Now is recorded multiple times over a period of days. It shows up in both lists. It's in the Recordings list with a "(3)" to indicate that there are multiple shows, and is expandable so you may select which one you want. Under For You, NFL Now appears as a single show. When I play it, I don't know which one it is playing. I have to go to Recordings to playback this show and some others.

Bottom line: to playback certain recordings I have to check both lists.

I've called tech support twice, but they have no idea and phone calls are very difficult to me due to my hearing loss.


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