Redbox price increase, August 2014


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I just rented 2 DVDs at Redbox today and ble take at checkout - it was over $3. At first I though I had accidentally selected Blu-Ray Discs, but no - DVDs are now $1.50 and Blu Rays are $2.00. Turns out they are rolling out price increases across the country:
Redbox tests DVD price increases, lowers kiosk count - OUTR -

Seems that streaming media and physical media rentals are starting to get closer in price. Be careful, Redbox - if you charge me too much I may decide it's not worth saving a buck and I'll just rent online.


"The increase is a result of rising operational costs, including increased debit card fees. This is the first time in eight years that Redbox has raised our daily DVD rental price." This is the response of Redbox at the General Questions of their site. They do not have any plans to alter the prices again. Well, is it true that it is the first raise in eight years?
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