Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery System

Hi! Anybody here who can share a reliable back up and disaster recovery system that ensures safety to our files? We have been having computer problems recently and we have been losing important files. Your suggestions will be of big help. Thanks!


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I have two ways of doing that...

Oh both my desktops...
I've installed an extra Internal Hard Drive (F), and keep all my files (.doc,.jpg) on it. If the operating system crashes, F Drive is basically a separate function, with no programs or other possibly effected stuff from a virus. If there is a crash and there is any suspicion it has been effected, it can be de-bugged separately.

With my Laptop...
Have an External Hard Drive. Just frequently copy the important stuff over to it as a backup. I also use this one for a backup to the F Drive in my Desktops.

I have Norton 360 on all my stuff, and have expanded the "D" drives that recovery creates to 40GB, because I have a choice of recovery from Microsoft as well.


I use Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image to make an exact duplicate (clone) of my hard drive from time to time. If my original drive fails all I have to do is put in the replacement drive, boot from my OS DVD and run the bootrec /rebuildbcd command to make the copy drive run just as good as new.

Other "backups" just restore your data, this restores the complete OS as of the day the last copy was made.

Takes about 30 minutes to clone a drive with no compression, you can also compress the partition to a file that can be restored but that takes longer because the system has to compress the drive, may take several hours depending on CPU speed.
ETQ has something for backup and recovery and we're trying that out first since we already use a lot of their solutions. I'll keep your tips in mind though for future reference. Thank you!
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