Question: Remake of old systems?


I think there should be a limited edition remake of certain classic systems with updated hardware but... keep the classic approach to the games just extend them out a bit now maybe not carteridges or nothing but digital downloads maybe purchasable from a company website, now i do know everything has far advanced since the classic times but i think its time we see remakes of systems instead of games/movies. they really don't have to re code the games per say just make the systems run "roms" so basically a legal emulator.


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There are several "retro" systems available, including the Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis that come with games built in. I own one of the Genesis systems, it has 80 games built in, 2 wireless controllers, and a slot for original the game cartridges. It costs about $40.

Ocasionally I will boot a Commodore 64 emulator on my PC and play some of my old favorites on that... but it's not the same! I suppose I could buy an old C64 system on eBay for fairly cheap - but I don't have room in my house for a full-on C64 setup!
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yea i seen them floating around but i was thinking about something on the cheap side but instead of cartridges, downloadable games onto the system


I don't think this would be a viable idea. People who want to play a retro game already have a bunch of options both legal and not so much without having to purchase another console.