Remote control and glass cabinet doors?

Lurker Lee

I'm not sure this is the best category for this, but figured you guys are knowledgeable and would know the answer.

I am thinking of rearranging my TV/DVR setup. I have an older but still decent teak audio cabinet I'm considering using. (Right now, all the components are on an old microwave cart!).

Here's my concern - the cabinet has a smoked glass door. Is my remote going to work through that? I know I could try it, but I don't want to have to unplug and rewire if it's not going to work. (I have two DVRs that are routed thru a VCR as my low tech A/B switch, plus the DVRs are connected to each other so I can dub off of my Comcast and have to draw myself pictures everytime I rearrange.:huh: Either way, I'm moving the whole shebang across the room; I just don't want to have to put it together twice!


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My parents have the glass doors on their cabinet where their DirecTV DVR is and they've never had a problem with the remote not working. Wood will block remote signals. Do you have a window near your TV? Try going outside with the remote and testing it just to make sure. :) I'd hate to be the one that told you, "Yeah, sure, it works", and have you spend all that time putting the cabinet together just to have the remote not work. :p


Remote through smoked glass doors

Here's my concern - the cabinet has a smoked glass door. Is my remote going to work through that?
I'm sure the OP has figured this out by now, but for others who come across this post - yes, the remotes work through smoked glass doors just fine. You do lose a little range, though. I've got my DTV receiver and Blu-ray both behind a 3/16" smoked glass door and no problems with the remote from the typical 12' or so viewing distance. With the doors open, I can use the remote from about 25' away in the kitchen, which I can't do with them closed. Hope that gives you an idea of how well it works.

Gretchen M.

Hello, I want to paint the glass in my component cabinet for TV/DVR . Will the TV/DVR remote signal work through the glass if I paint it?
No, painting the glass in your component cabinet may block or weaken the TV/DVR remote signal, as glass can already attenuate infrared signals to some extent. It's best to test the remote signal before and after painting the glass to determine any potential impact on signal strength.

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